UIVO 8 - Mostra de Ilustração da Maia

Exposição Coletiva

Fórum da Maia - Centr'Arte - 11th January to 17th February 2019


Wild Portugal Exhibition

Fórum Montijo - 18th August to 15th October 2018


Wild Portugal Exhibition

Emarp - Portimão - 28th May to 29th June 2018


Wild Portugal Exhibition

Monte Selvagem - Montemor-o-Novo - 1st May to 15th August 2018


FIIN – Festival Internacional de Imagem de Natureza - Vila Real

Concurso de Desenho de Natureza e Científico 2017

1st and 3rd prize


Wild Portugal Exhibition

Centro Ciência Viva - Lagos - 11th April to 11th June 2017


Wild Portugal Exhibition

Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência - Sala Azul - Lisboa - 10th January to 5th March 2017

Combining the passion for nature with drawing, the idea of ​​the exhibition Wild Portugal arises. All illustrations were done in scratchboard black / white with china ink. The airbrush was also used.Over the past few years, and as I showed some of the illustrations I did, I noticed that there was still a great lack of knowledge of Portugal's fauna. I focused on the representation of some animals that we can observe in the wild. We are increasingly removed from nature and often the contact with the wild is only done through television. It is urgent to reverse this situation. I hope to contribute to the discovery / rediscovery of some of Portugal's fauna and arouse the curiosity in the visitors so that they will go by themselves to the discovery of Wild Portugal

Cientific Illustration Contest

Centro de Ciência de Vila Real - Programa da Biodiversidade de Vila Real - 2015

1st and 2nd prize